5 Ways to Keep Flies at Bay

Scoop Pros is your go to for dog poop removal.  While we offer weekly clean up services to not only keep your yard looking and smelling nicer, flies can also be a bother as they are attracted to your pet’s waste. There are several fly repellant methods you can try to keep the flies at bay between services. Here are our top 5 suggestions.

#1 Our Dog Poop Haul Away Service

The easiest way to prevent flies from taking over is regular waste removal. Of course! Our Poop Haul Away service The poop haul away is one of single best ways to keep flies away. Your pet’s waste is not left in your dumpster to attract flies. We offer a weekly waste removal service for our clients. Whether you have one dog or several, we have packages to fit your needs.  We also offer add-on services that include a deodorize and sanitize of your yard.  You can view our packages and book online here.

#2 Fly Paper

Fly paper is a great resource to use as a fly repellant. Even frequent dog poop removal cannot eliminate every fly.  However, fly paper is a non-toxic, pet safe fly repellent that is easy to incorporate into your outdoor space. This sticky paper can be added to your deck, porch, or around a dog run area in just a few minutes.  The sticky paper attracts and traps flies and then can be thrown away.  There is no clean up involved or unsanitary traps to clean out.

#3 Fly Repellant Spray

There are several fly repellant sprays available on the market depending on your needs, but as a pet owner, you also need to consider if any repellent is safe for your pet, as well as effective in keeping flies away.  One easy way to keep flies away from dog poop is to mix up your own fly repellent at home.  Using a one to one ratio of water and isopropyl alcohol, with 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap per cup of mix, you can spray this fly repellent directly on any flies that have found their way into your home or outdoor space. Dog poop is irresistible to flies, but using a pet safe spray is a quick and easy solution to dealing with the pesky intruder.

#4 Spray Oils

There are a few oils you can use around your outdoor space to repel flies, and a few that are unsafe for pets.  Use this list as a reference to keep flies at bay and keep your pet safe.

#5 Plants That Repel Flies

Several plants repel flies and many are great for planting in pots or in your garden.  These plants can not only spruce up your yard, but they can also act as fly repellent.  Consider planting these plants in your yard or around your outdoor space. 

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