Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like a specific appointment time, can you accommodate?
A: We cannot make specific appointment times due to the nature of the customer routes. You are booking us to come that day during normal business hours. You will always get a text when we are on the way to your home.

Q: Do my dogs have to be inside for the duration of the service?
A: Yes, for the safety of our technicians, dogs must be put inside before we arrive. Also so we can do our best work without distraction.

Q: How do I pay my invoice?
A: Invoices can be paid via credit card online upon receipt of invoice via email. Invoices go out monthly for recurring customers, and after the job is completed for one time customers. Invoices go to the email on file.

Q: How does scheduling work? Do you come at set appointment times?
A: No, similar to Pool/Gardener services, customers are on a route on the day they're scheduled. We can give general time windows, but they may not be the same every week. Service will be on the same day each week, however.

Q: How do I schedule a recurring Pet Waste Removal service or a One-Time service?
A: Book online or call 949-427-5145.

Q: What does a normal recurring service entail?
A: You always get a text when the technician is on the way. Technician arrives on the scheduled day, completes the service items, checks gate is locked, and then departs. You get a text when technician finishes.

Q: What are the additional services offered?
A: Deodorizer Spray, Poop Haul-Away, Patio/Dog-Run Hose Down, Deep Deodorizer Soak, and Pressure Washing

Q: I just want a One Time Cleanup, how does pricing work?
A: Our minimum fee for One Time Cleanup is $39, however exact price will be determined when we arrive. Pricing depends upon how many dogs and how long it has been since last cleanup. The typical One Time Cleanup price is between $50 - $75.

Q: What is the $39 Initial Service Fee
A: If it has been more than 2 weeks since last cleanup, a $39 initial service fee is applied.

Q: How often should I receive Scoop Pros Service?
A: This depends on how often you utilize your backyard, and how many dogs you have. Two or more dogs is recommended for twice per week service.

Q: Can I pay with a credit card online?
A: Yes, invoicing is online and you can easily pay your invoice with a credit card, or save a card on file for automatic payments.

Q: My Gardner comes on Wednesday, can Scoop Pros service Wednesday before Gardener arrives?
A: We do our best to accommodate these situations, however we are in regional areas on specific days, and may not be able to accommodate this.

How to Get Started

Schedule Service

Call or Schedule Online to set up service or schedule a one time clean up.

Reliable Service

Our technician arrives on-time and removes your dog's business, leaving you to enjoy your yard and your time.

Enjoy time

Sit back and relax knowing your yard is clean and safe on a regular basis.

A Clean Yard Is Just A Phone Call Away!


Basic Cleanup Services

# of Dogs 1 Cleaning Per Week 2 Cleanings Per Week One Time Cleanup
1 Dog $14 Per Week $28 Per Week $39+
2 Dogs $16 Per Week $32 Per Week $39+
3 Dogs $18 Per Week $36 Per Week $39+

Additional Services

Deodorizer Spray $5
Poop Haul Away $7
Patio/Dog Run Hose Down $12
Deep Deodorizer Hose Down $25

Artificial Turf & Concrete Care

Pressure Wash with Deodorizer $0.75 / Sq Ft
Artificial Turf/Concrete Wash Hose Down $25 Per Visit
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