4 Ways Scoop Pros Helps Disabled Veterans

Pet waste clean up can be a problem for pet owners, especially those that are disabled and unable to clean up after their pet.  This is especially true for veterans.  As a veteran owned business, we are proud to help veterans by providing pet waste clean up services for service dogs and other animals.  The following services are offered to all of our customers but they can be especially helpful to those that are disabled and have pets or service animals.

Cleaning up pet waste in and of itself is a simple task, but it can be dangerous and difficult for those in wheelchairs, using prosthetic limbs, or with other limitations.  Oftentimes veterans and other individuals needing special services, have service dogs as companions and help mates.  Scoop Pros services allow them to have their service dogs and other animals without the added task of cleaning up pet waste.  Here are 4 ways Scoop Pros services can be helpful to disabled veterans and other individuals needing special consideration.

#1 Pooper Scooper Services

Scoop Pros offers a one time clean up, as well as weekly or bi-weekly clean up services.  This service ensures help for veterans and all of our customers.  We love to build relationships with our customers and their four-legged friends, but we do ask that all animals be inside before we enter the property.  This ensures our safety and allows us to work quickly and efficiently.  

#2 Deodorizer/Sanitizer Spray

We offer a deodorizer/sanitizer spray at each visit for an additional fee, as well as a deep deodorizer/sanitizer soak.  The deep deodorizer/sanitizer soak is helpful for customers that have not had pooper scooper services previously and have heavily soiled areas.  Pet waste contains hormones, bacteria, uric acid and ammonia, producing an offensive odor.  This service can be especially helpful to disabled veterans and others that have been unable to clean up after their pet.  

#3 Poop Haul Away

Pet waste has an offensive odor and attracts flies.  This is especially true when pet waste is disposed of in a garbage can.  Our poop haul away service ensures that you don’t have to deal with the smell and the flys.  Not only do we scoop the poop for you, we haul it away when we are done.  

#4 Patio/Dog Run Hose Down  

A patio/dog run hose down can be added to our basic clean up services at each pooper scooper visit.  A hose down tops off a basic clean up service nicely and is especially helpful if you have turf in your backyard and/or dog run area.  It is also a quick way to have your patio cleaned up.  Hosing down any area can be especially dangerous and precarious for disabled veterans and others needing special consideration.  We are happy to provide this service to our customers to ensure their safety and a cleaner outdoor space.

Scoop Pros is proud to be veteran owned and be a help to disabled veterans others needing help keeping their yard free of pet waste.  Don’t let a disability stop you from owning a pet, especially if that pet is also a much needed service animal.  Let Scoop Pros help you keep your pet and your yard happy.

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