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5 Orange County Dog Parks and 7 Ways to Play with Your Dog at the Park

5 Orange County Dog Parks and 7 Ways to Play With Your Dog at the Park
March 1, 2024

Pet waste can happen any time, but when you are out at the dog park especially, you
have to come prepared to do a little dog poop cleanup. Cleaning up pet waste is
important at home, but more so out in public. The dog park is sure to have plenty of
space for your four legged friends to do his business, but once dog poop cleanup has
been checked off the list of things to do, it is time to play! Here are 5 dog parks in
Orange County and 7 games to play with your dog while you are there.
Costa Mesa Dog ParkThe Park is located on the corner of Arlington Avenue and Newport
Boulevard in TeWinkle Park, across the street from the Orange County
Fairgrounds Equestrian Center.

Huntington Central Park Dog ParkCentral Park
18000 Goldenwest Street
Enter at the Inlet Drive parking lot
Laguna Niguel Pooch ParkGolden Lantern near Chapparosa Park
Orange-Yorba Park190 South Yorba
Orange (near 55 Freeway and Chapman Avenue).
Irvine Central BarkCentral Bark
6405 Oak Canyon

Walk Around the Park

This is a simple way for you and your dog to get some exercise and enjoy
nice weather. Taking a walk also allows your dog to get additional training or
brush up on leash training. Establishing proper leash training makes the
walk enjoyable for you and your pup.

Play Fetch

A time old tradition if you will, fetch is a simple game to play with your dog,
and often the first one they learn. The additional space at the dog makes it
easy for your dog to run as far as they need to, to get their energy out and
chase down that ball.

Obedience Training

Obedience training is essential to keeping you and your dog safe at home
and in public places like the park. The dog park also offers a chance to test
their skills when there are plenty of distractions like other dogs, new smells,
toys, people, and maybe even small wildlife. Obedience training is a great
way to practice holding their attention and test their knowledge of

The Nose Game

Typically called “go find it”, the nose game is a great way to practice their
sense of smell and commands to track down a scent. This is also useful if
you are trying to teach your dog to hunt, or simply teach them a new skill as
a way to keep them active.

Blow Bubbles

Kids love bubbles, but so do dogs! This is a cheap and easy game that may just catch
the attention of other dogs at the park. Of course, be careful around unknown dogs, but
blowing bubbles is a smooth way to socialize your dog and allow them to naturally play
with others. Dogs chasing and trying to capture bubbles may just provide some
entertainment for you as well.

Feed Your Dog Using A Food Toy
Allow your dog to use their mouth and their brain together to work out a puzzle. Hide
their favorite treat in a food toy and watch them go! They will get a workout and a little
reward for their effort.

Wrestle Or Play Tug
Another simple but effective way to tire your dog out is tug of war. This game could
count as “arm day” for you as well! Playing tug of war with your dog is a simple game to
play at the dog park that doesn’t require a lot of space. If there are other well socialized
dogs at the park, they can find a friend and play tug of war with them!
Owning a dog is a great responsibility and involves some not so fun chores like dog
poop cleanup and vet appointments. But whether you are cleaning up pet waste,
napping in the sun, or playing at the dog park, a dog is a great companion and friend.
Visit one of these dog parks near you and enjoy your time with your four legged friend.



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