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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Warm in the Winter

March 1, 2024

1. Evaluate Your Pet Food Intake
Dogs and other four legged family members need calories for energy just like you and I.
Keeping your dog well fed provides their body with the energy they need to keep warm and
replace calories lost from running and playing, and shivering, in the cold weather. Each pet is
fed differently depending on species, weight, and special dietary needs, and body type.
Learning about your dog’s needs from their veterinarian makes it easier for you to provide what
they need.

2. Protect Their Paws
Venturing into the outdoors is essentially unavoidable if you are a four legged family
member. It may not snow in Orange County but the ground gets cold and the cold wind
can blow can’t stop your dog from needing exercise and going out and doing their
business. Sending your dog outside in winter weather might mean you consider
purchasing paw covers for your furry friend. These will help your dog’s feet stay warm
and dry, and keep their paw pads from cracking.

3. Keep Track of Outdoor Time
If your dog spends long stretches of time outside, monitor their time outside to avoid
your dog getting too cold. Just like you, your dog can be miserable if they spend too
much time in the winter weather. If Fido has gone outside to do their business and run
their energy out, keep an eye on the clock to avoid frostbite.

4. Know the Signs of Frostbite
It is rare, but frostbite can happen to pets when they spend time outside in the cold
ground, and can be fatal if your pet is exposed to cold winter weather for too long. Limit
the time your dog spends outside and watch out for signs and symptoms.
Frostbite – If your pet gets wet while they’re outside they can be susceptible to frostbite
on their skin and paw pads. Watch for blue or gray skin, swelling, blisters, and
extremely cold skin.

5. Keep Up with Grooming
It may seem better to leave your pet’s coat long and let it grow during the winter
months, but winter is actually the time for consistent grooming. Combing your dog’s fur
is a simple, regular task that should be done all year. Waiting until spring to brush
through mats and tangles will only make combing more difficult for you, and painful for
your pet, later on. Also, trimming hair on your pet’s paw pads helps prevent anything
from getting stuck in their paws.

Whether your dog spends long periods of time outside in the cold winter, or basks in the
warmth of the indoors most of the day, keeping your furry family member warm in the
winter months is important, even in Orange County. These 5 easy tips are sure to be a
great help to you as you navigate the cold for the next couple months.



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